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Fflur - Fflur is my working sheepdog that has taught me by far the most.  She is a wicked      little dog full of naughtiness.  As a youngster Fflur was reactive towards dogs and people to a point that I thought competing with her was completely out of the question.  We worked through this over the years and came out of it the other side.  Fflur is now retired but took me from Young Kennel Club classes to working test A in competition obedience.  We qualified and took part in the National Obedience Class Finals twice.  No matter what you do with Fflur she gives it her all!  She rules the roost and is enjoying retirement playing with the youngsters.  She loves a run on the mountain and swimming is by far her favourite thing to do, water is her weakness, be it a puddle or a lake, she can't resist!




Haf - Is the namesake for my kennel name and club name Calanhaf.  Haf is a Welsh Sheepdog, although I wanted a Welsh Sheepdog for many years she was a massive learning curve for me.  Definitely not one for the faint hearted!  She loves obedience but can't contain her Welsh Sheepdog mouth when competiting and loves to sing to the steward as they send us around the course.  The places we have obtained at shows are my most treasured places, as we really did earn those rosettes! !  Recently Haf found her dream job when she modelled for Ivy and Duke Luxury Dog Beds, she was even more pleased when she was gifted a new bed from them, lucky girl! Haf is a joy to live with, a dog I wish I could have all over again and use the knowledge I have now, that would have helped us out enormously.  Hafs favourite place to go is the beach so we try to get there as often as we can, her favourite being Crantock in Cornwall where she can swim in the estuary and chase the others.  



Mac - My naughty spotted boy that loves to run and jump.  He's the clown of the family and makes me laugh every day.  His favourite thing to do is watch rabbit TV in the garden and go on group dog walks.  Unfortunately Mac has had massive gaps competing due to unlucky injuries but this is where we found his love for scent work, because of its free movement he was allowed to partake in it.  The knowledge we have learnt is now passed on through our scent classes at Calanhaf.  Mac competes in obedience and rally.  If I could clone this boy I would have 10 of him, he is such a joy to own and have at home.





Sky - My little sheltie dude Sky is my big dog in a little dogs body.  His favourite thing to do is run and chase with the big dogs.  In puppy class his best friend was a Bernese Mountain Dog, and he still melts when he sees one!  He has had a career in showing and obedience and has also taken part in agility training.  He is Finns partner in crime and can be found snooping around the garden together daily.  






Pink - Pink came to me for rehoming and after about 6 months it became clear she was actually staying.  There is just 4 weeks between her and Taran so puppyhood  was a bit of a crazy time!  Pink is a super loving girl who is really keen to do anything I ask of her.  Pink qualified for the National Obedience Class Finals last year and had a 4th place in Novice.  We didn't get to many shows last year as Pink had her first litter.  She was a fantastic mother.  We are looking forward to competing back together in 2019!





Taran - My shadow Taran is a Welsh Sheepdog, great nephew to Haf.  He can often be found at home glued to my lap!  His favourite thing to do in life is flirt with our golden oldie Fflur despite the massive age gap, I think he likes an older lady lol!  Taran has found a love for rally and so we have delved further into it over the past couple of years.  We are looking forward to seeing what the next year has in store for us.






Finn - Although technically Finn is my brothers dog I have so much fun with him, I dog nap him from time to time!  Finn has been shown at breed shows and qualified for Crufts in 2017.  Everyday is the best day of Finns life but I knew Cufts would be the best best day of his life and he didn't prove me wrong, he had an absolute blast.  Unfortunately his show career was short lived and we have started competing in obedience and rally.  Watch this space....






Mina - Mina is out of our first litter originally named Mini Pink, she stole my heart and stayed!  She is such a character and a real mams girl, she fits in perfectly.  I'm looking forward to our future together.







Previous Dogs


Lady - Lady was my first dog I trained, we used to be out 3 nights a week in training clubs and at shows on the weekends while I was still in school.  I think you could say we had the bug!  We went to Crufts with the YKC twice competiting in obedience.  We also enjoyed breed showing, agility, Pets as Therapy and getting involved with anything dog related.  


Amber - Amber was another dog I used to borrow off my brother!  She was very timid but she had total trust in me, we competed at Crufts with the Young Kennel Club in obedience, which was a very proud achievement for us.  We also used to show at breed shows.  Her lovely nature was passed through Haf who she used to mother as a puppy.  Another dog that taught me so much.


Dusty - Dusty came to us as an older dog that needed rehoming, at the same time we had Lady.  She was the sweetest natured dog that would cuddle up to you, a real family dog.  We took part in some shows together which she loveded.

















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